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這埵U篇文章主要圍繞 HKAL 的課程內容,除了解釋各經濟概念,也有討論歷屆試題的文章。共分以下三部分:

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新文章:中六 => Capital & Interest (23/ 12 / 2000)


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(In Chinese)



邏輯淺析 1 :Fallacies and conditional statements
邏輯淺析 2 : Fallacy of composition;
Tautological explanation?;
Refutable statements;
理論四寶飯 ;
理論四寶飯(下) ;
經濟解釋 - 錯誤實例 (一) 邏輯錯誤;
經濟解釋 - 錯誤實例 (二) 同義重覆;



x-y 坐標平面圖在經濟學上的應用


F6 Content


Basic Concepts
(in Chinese)


經濟解釋 (一) (economic explanations);
經濟解釋:(二) Positive economics
Constrained maximization;
競爭與產權制度 (Competition & Property rights);
私產的遊戲規則 (Rules of the game under private property rights);

產權制度與交易費用 (Property rights and Transaction costs);


Opportunity Cost




「港版」機會成本:請移玉步往 <入魔篇>
機會成本:評會考 1996 題目

Cost (1)

Cost (2) Why defined as "highest"-valued option forgone);

Cost:由魯賓遜 (Robinson Crusoe) 說起 (1)
Cost:由魯賓遜 (Robinson Crusoe) 說起 (2)
Cost:由魯賓遜 (Robinson Crusoe) 說起 (3)
Cost:由魯賓遜 (Robinson Crusoe) 說起 (4)

Sunk Cost: 《守株待兔》


Indifference curve analysis






Utility and Preference;
Diminishing Marginal rate of substitution;
Indifference curve & its properties;
Special cases (I);
Special cases (II);
Budget constraints;

Real income & Utility;
Income effects;
Substitution effects;
Price effects;
Decomposition of Price effects;
Giffen Goods;


Utility Theory (功用理論)

Utility maximization;


Demand & Law of demand




Money income constant and Real income constant demand;
Giffen Goods (same as the one in IC analysis)
Law of demand as an assertion;
需求定律 vs 等優曲線分析; (Law of demand vs indifference curve analysis)

Alchian Generalization (1);
Departure tax & Age variance (Change in relative price)


MUV Approach





Use value (1) ;(使用價值)
Use Value (2) MUV & TUV on diagrams
Use Value (3) MUV,TUV, & AUV on diagrams
Consumer Equilibrium & Consumer surplus
Marginal Use Value Curve & Demand (1)
Marginal Use Value Curve & Demand (2)
Paradox of Value
Consumer Surplus in IC analysis



Efficiency & Deadweight loss


Deadweight loss;
Efficiency - Pareto Condition (1)
Efficiency (2)



Exchange 交易


Exchange (1)
Exchange (2)


Price searching Market and Monopoly
(in English)

Definition of monopoly;
Sources of monopoly power;
Simple monopoly pricing & Monopoly rent;
Price discrimination;
Is monopoly ef




Relative price & Money price (相對價格與貨幣價格) ;
Full price ;
Price determination; 價格是如何決定的

Price is Marginal use value !



Interest, Capital & Wealth



Interest [1] (利息 [1]) (16/12/2000)
Interest [2] (利息 [2]) (17/12/2000)
Compounding & Discounting
(複算與折現) (21/12/2000)
Capital (1) - What is capital?
(資本 (1) -甚麼是資本?) (22/12/2000)
Capital (2) - Capital price? (資本 (2) -資本價如何決定?) (23/12/2000)




Social Costs



What are Public Goods? (甚麼是共用物品?)
共用物品 - 公爵夫人的花園 (上篇) (1/12/2000)
共用物品 - 公爵夫人的花園 (中篇) (1/12/2000)
共用物品 - 公爵夫人的花園 (下篇) (5/12/2000)





醫藥分家(上集) 淺析2000AL(I)-Q11;
醫藥分家(下集) 淺析2000AL(I)-Q11;


F.7 Description
Simple Keynesian Model

Paradox of Thrift